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Welcome to is my portfolio site, repository, and place to try new things.

Who am I?

Michael Jordan [photo by: Michael Langone]

photo by: Michael Langone

I’m Michael Jordan (not that Michael Jordan). I am a Senior Web Developer for the School Division's Instructional Technology Department at Houghton Mifflin Company in Boston. Previously, I develop and programmed Web sites and Web applications at an interactive agency in Boston called Red98, which has recently gone out of business.

I live south of Boston with my lovely wife Diane, our two dogs Shredder and Lola, and our cat Oreo.

Why majordan?

I'm not in the armed forces.

“Majordan” is the username I came up with a few years ago when all my friends and family gave me grief for having the ridiculously long email username “michael_a_jordan.” The same friends and family asked themselves, upon seeing the name “majordan” in their inboxes and email lists, “Who the heck is Major Dan!”

The name stuck, and now some friends actually greet me as “majordan,” which I suppose beats being confused with my namesake.

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