Arrangements Confirmation
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Anderson Funeral Home
Family Ceremony Planner
The John Public Family

This Family Ceremony Planner serves as a simple reference guide on the service arrangements we have discussed.
The Funeral Director you met with today is Ms. Joe Briggs.
If you have any questions, please contact Joe at 555-5555.

Wednesday, June 20th:

Family Checklist

  9:30 a.m. meeting time with Father Ettis at St. Joseph Church to discuss the ceremony.
  1:30 a.m. meeting time to drop off clothing and jewelry items.
 - Clothing: shirt, suit, tie, socks, shoes, and underclothing
 - Jewelry: watch, wedding ring, rosary
  Make list of key family members to contact: provide them with visitation and funeral ceremony arrangement times
and address of the funeral home. Ask them to contact other family members.

Special Notes:

Thursday, June 21st:

  1:00 p.m. meeting time with David Leemans, representative for the Sacred Heart cemetery, to select cemetery property.
Phone: 555-5555.
  Gather together some meaningful photographs for the memory board photo collage.
  Gather a few personal effects for the memory table for visitation.

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