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Check out an excerpt from Eric Jackson's "Kayaking with Eric Jackson" video. This video, sponsored in part by Boeri Helmets, will help any level boater learn the basics or new tricks.

These helmets are intended for skiing, snowboarding, and/or watersport use only. Unless otherwise stated.

No helmet can protect the wearer
against all foreseeable impacts.

Helmet Standards:

Boeri is responsible and proactive in the development and production of protective headgear for a wide variety of uses. All Boeri Helmets meet or exceed the impact requirements of the most recognized helmet standard specific to wintersport and watersport use.

As U.S. based organizations develop helmet standards specific to and practical for wintersport and watersport use it will be consistent with Boeri protocol to manufacture to these standards. Boeri manufacturing regularly utilizes independent lab testing as a matter of practice on all models distributed in the United States. Boeri Sport USA has a fully conforming line-up for the 2002/2003 season.

Boeri Sport USA is a Division of MPH Associates Inc., the sole US distributor of Boeri Ski, Snowboard and Watersport Helmets. Produced outside of Milan Italy, the Boeri Brand is known for their dedication to quality and innovation. Look for Boeri on World Cup courses, Free Skiing venues around the world, bordercross courses, half pipes at your favorite resorts and on rivers throughout the United States. Boeri Helmets can be purchased at a variety of retailers. You can find a retailer near you with our Dealer Locator found here:


Boeri Ski and Snowboarding Helmets are intended for skiing, snowboarding, and watersport use only. No helmet can protect the wearer against all foreseeable impacts and injuries to the head. Boeri Helmets are designed to offer added protection to the head and cannot guard against neck, spine, or other bodily injuries that may result from an accident. Always ski, snowboard, or paddle within your limits. Avoid collisions and be considerate of other skiers, snowboarders, and boaters. Reasonably foreseeable impacts may exceed the capabilities of your helmet to protect against injury. However, for maximum protection, the helmet must be of good fit and all retention straps must be securely fastened to retain the helmet. When fitted and fastened properly, the helmet should resist any inadvertent dislodgment or removal.

See the Sizing Guide of our website for more information on how to fit your Boeri Helmet:

If you have a damaged helmet or a helmet involved in an accident, it must either be returned to Boeri Sport USA for a free inspection or be destroyed and replaced. Boeri Helmets are designed to protect from an impact by partial self destruction. Damage may not be evident. Boeri Helmets can be damaged by solvents or gasoline. DO NOT apply paint or stickers to this helmet. Make no modifications. Making modifications is not recommended and will void all warranties.

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