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  Sizing Guide

Now that you are ready to make an investment in your head, let us help you in finding the model that provides maximum individual comfort and fit.

Visiting one of our many fine retailers? Here are a few things to remember before stepping in the store:

Bring your goggles.

Some goggles fit helmets, some don't. If you don't have your goggles handy, ask the sales personnel to provide you with the same or a similar model so you can try your new Boeri Helmet on with the
goggles you will be skiing or snowboarding in.

Suggested goggles:

  1.   Smith Sport Optics - For more
information on Smith Sport
Optics, call 800-459-4903 or
  Smith Sport Optics
2.   Spy Optic
1260 Avenida Chelsea
Vista, CA 92083
  Spy Optic

Know your Head Circumference.

Finding out your head size is easy. Take a tailor's measuring tape and measure your head above the ears and right above your eyebrows. You can also use the printable PDF Boeri Fit Tape below. If you know your fitted hat size you can use that as well. In order to convert inches or hat size to centimeters, use the chart below.

PDF Boeri Fit Tape Instructions

This is a great aid for finding the helmet that fits you best.

  1. Print out the PDF file on this link: Boeri Fit Tape PDF
    (be sure "Fit to Page" is not selected in your print options).

    Get Acrobat Reader here

  2. Cut out the Boeri Fit Tape on the dotted lines provided.

  3. Match up the ends (A to A and B to B and so forth).

  4. Once you have matched the ends, tape them together, making sure that your guidelines match up.

  5. It is almost impossible to measure your own head, so have a friend wrap the Boeri Fit Tape (printed side out) around your head above the eyebrows and ears.

  6. Align the "sizing line" up with the inches/cm indicator and record the measurement.

  7. Refer back to the Sizing Guide here on the Boeri Web site to find the helmet size that will fit you best.

Five Step Fit

Five Step Fit

Sizing Chart

Sizing Chart

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