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Delivery Times

HomeRuns offers convenient delivery right to your door. Delivery is available 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Saturday. We make deliveries within scheduled two-hour delivery windows, and you can reserve your delivery time for up to a week in advance. Reservations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reserving Your Time
When shopping online, you can preview available delivery times within the "More Info" section, and reserve your desired time at checkout. Any order placed by midnight is available for next-day delivery. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday are available for delivery on Monday or any day after that.

Delivery Professionals

Our Delivery Professionals are dedicated HomeRuns associates who are committed to providing outstanding service to our customers. We use a rigorous selection process to hire Delivery Professionals who are trustworthy and reliable. Each one is bonded and has an impeccable driving record.

Delivery Professionals arrive at your home in one of the vans from our fleet; each van bears our name and logo. You can also recognize our Delivery Professionals by their special HomeRuns uniforms and picture IDs.

Direct To Your Home
They bring your groceries directly to your home and place your bags wherever you would like, even if it means walking up five or six flights of stairs. They'll also take the time to make sure you're happy with your order. By the way, we have a no tipping policy, so our Delivery Professionals cannot accept tips.
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Coupons & Recycling

We gladly accept manufacturer coupons. We also accept bottle returns (for items we sell) of up to $2.50 per order (approximately 50 bottles or cans). Delivery Professionals will take any coupons, bottles or cans (for items that we sell) that you have, and the total value will be credited to your order. And please save your bags. Our Delivery Professional will be happy to take them back to be recycled.
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Selecting & Packing

HomeRuns uses a specially designed system of scanners, shelving, and packing to make sure we get your order right every time. Associates at HomeRuns Central wear wrist scanners that carry your order information exactly as you entered it in on the Web.

Special Plastic Totes
Your groceries are individually packed into strong plastic bags and then placed into custom designed plastic totes; all totes are designed for continual temperature control. We use "cooler" totes for refrigerated items, as well as dry ice for frozen goods. For fragile items, like eggs, we use specially designed hard cases to make sure they arrive at your door in excellent condition.
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The HomeRuns Fleet

We have a large fleet of vans, designed specifically for HomeRuns. You've probably seen them around town. They are clearly marked, white vehicles with our name, HomeRuns, and our logo, a running man holding a bag of groceries.

Climate Control
Boxes and totes are placed in the vans by loaders just before the driver arrives to deliver your order. The vans are kept in climate-controlled garages when not out on the road. And they are on the move from 7 a.m .to 11 p.m., delivering groceries to our customers.
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