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Batesville Casket Company

Batesville, a Hillenbrand Company, is the leading funeral service company and has been helping funeral directors and families for over a hundred years.

They asked Red98 to develop, for their annual roadshow in the midwest, a prototype of a web-based tool to provide funeral directors with a user-friendly way to guide friends and family of the deceased through the funeral arrangement process and ultimately to help them to choose a casket and funeral service that would best represent that person and how they lived.

The demo was a great success and generated tremendous interest at the show.

Technologies Employed: Internet Explorer DHTML, CSS, JavaScript


Since the demo was being created to display in a controlled environment, Internet Explorer 4 or later in full-screen mode on a single Windows 98 laptop with screen resolution set to 1024 x 768, I didn’t have to worry about cross-browser scripting. However, without a database backend or even a web-server, all data had to be stored client-side in JavaScript arrays, making the coding a bit more cumbersome.

Users without Internet Explorer 4 or later won’t see much interactivity because of the use of Internet Explorer-specific DHTML.

As a result of this project, I was surprised at a recent funeral service, when I recognized the casket model.

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