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  • Red98
  • Batesville Casket Company
  • Boeri Sport USA
  • Cafco Development
  • Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism
  • Fidelity Investments
  • FM Global
  • HomeRuns
  • Web Word Find
  • Spelling Match
  • InnoCentive
  • Puma Spec Creative
  • Salamander Restaurant
  • Sprint PCS
  • Toyota


HomeRuns was an online grocery ordering and delivery service. Red98 worked closely with HomeRuns to plan and launch a complete redevelopment of the site in order to clarify the brand message and make the shopping experience a much more usable, useful, and engaging experience for both first-time users and existing customers.

I was responsible for coding template pages in HTML which were delivered to the client to be integrated into their backend system.

Technologies Employed: HTML


HomeRuns was the first project on which I worked at Red98. The week after I arrived, my supervisor left for vacation, leaving me to code the sixty or so pages of our first deliverable alone. It was a baptism by fire I’ll never forget, but I’m a better, faster programmer because of it.

Unfortunately, HomeRuns is no more. The people I know who used the service loved it.

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